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The perfect parlor game for the quiz night! 

400 challenging questions about whisky

OBS: Spelet är på engelska!

Whisky is much more than age and smokiness. Do you know what glen means? Can you explain the difference between bourbon and sherry casks?

Excellent whisky has been produced in northern Scotland for centuries. The distilleries have learned quite a lot through these years. Now you have the chance to take part in this deep knowledge and have fun doing it! So light up a cosy fire, put a bottle on the table and challenge yourself and your friends with 400 exciting questions about whisky.

Includes: quiz cards, rules, dice, score and a pencil.

Age: 18+
Players: 2+
Time: 20 min+
Size: 110 x 165 x 50 mm

EAN: 9789186283827

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