Diesel 1991–2001. Finally It All Makes Sense

Diesel 1991–2001. Finally It All Makes Sense

This book is in English

In the 1990s, a campaign for an Italian clothing company made waves and paved the way for a new type of visual communication. Combining eye-catching photographs and provocative texts, the campaign was impregnated with a subtext of political messages embedded in gender stereotypes, which it simultaneously undermined.

With its slogan "For successful living", the campaign was designed as a survival guide for living in a world marked by conflict, abuse of power and obsession with beauty. Ironically stating that happiness can (not) be achieved by consumption, the campaign was a type of anti-marketing that poked fun at those who didn't get it and encouraged those who did.

At first glance, the photographs and films could be dismissed as provocative, sexist or even comical. However, a closer inspection revealed topics such as the environment, religion and Western ignorance of the surrounding world.

The ten-year campaign caught the attention of the public but not everyone understood what was being communicated, until now.
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